Halloween Party Ideas

My family and I really enjoy Halloween – everything from coming up with clever and unique costumes, decorating our yard and home, to coming up with fun Halloween party ideas.

I’ve been writing articles for Halloween on my own blog, as well as here on Vintage Unscripted, and thought I’d share them here.


“100 Years of Halloween Costumes”halloweencostumes1 – Over the past 100 years, Halloween costumes have changed quite a bit. They started out as ghosts and ghouls and other scary creatures, then movie characters and characters from favorite radio and television shows became popular. The costumes of today are very creative and include all of these kinds of costumes, and more!

This article includes some ideas for Halloween costumes, as well as a video of how costumes have changed over the years.


“Halloween Costumes – With a DIY Thrifty Twist”Untitled design (9) – Those pre-made purchased costumes are fun, but homemade costumes are my favorite! They are so much fun to put together and allow you to express your creativity!

This article includes ideas for putting together several Halloween costumes using items found at a thrift store.



“DIY Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Glasses (with Beverage Recipes)”pumpkinglasses – Thrift stores are filled with mismatched beverage glasses, they’re inexpensive, and they are the perfect piece for this project. Just mix and match a set of six or more rounded stemware glasses to get started.

This article includes a quick-and-easy idea for making your own pumpkin glasses, and includes a hot and a cold orange beverage recipe. Yum!


“Gruesome Halloween Storytelling Activity For All Your Senses!”untitled-design-4 – Storytelling games at Halloween are made creepy, gooey, and gross when you add “remains” to the game! These props allow your guests to touch and feel the story as you read it. Classic Halloween fun for all ages!

This article includes all the props you’ll need, as well as two stories you can download and print. Spooky ooky fun!



3 Thrift Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween” – With Halloween creeping up on us so quickly, now is the time to start decorating your home! Sure, you could go to your local superstore or craft store and purchase ready-made Halloween decorations, but it’s so much more fun to use vintage pieces (and more economical, too).

This article includes three fun ideas, as well as links to some clever websites to help you age your photos.


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What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Share in a comment below!

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