7 creativity catalysts for displaying pumpkins


pumpkin-9October is one of the few times when almost every decorating style shares a single must-have: pumpkins. You can’t do fall without them. On that there is agreement.

There is divergence on what kind of pumpkin–traditional orange or white? Should other winter squashes be added? What about gourds? Does it get merchandised up with flea market treasures or sparkly spiders or should it stand alone as a work of natural art. Should it be carved or left whole?

This post is not for the traditionalists from the school of front porch pumpkinology that believes the only proper pumpkin display is a bale of hay. Make no mistake, we love hay. It’s classic, simple and entirely in the spirit of the season.

This post is for those who feel a restless need to try something different. We raided our vintage store for catalysts to spark your creativity. We are definitely not suggesting these are finished porch displays. We respect your creativity and would never think of telling you exactly how many plastic spiders, yards of cheesecloth or strings of lights you might want to use. We’re suggesting building blocks only–slightly outside the box ideas to adapt and expand on.

 The key components were an assortment of pumpkins and winter squashes. We will confess to spending an inordinate amount of time in misty rain admiring all the field-grown squashes with their quirky shapes and bumps and scars at a local garden center. We love this year’s trend towards showcasing what critics might be consider the unlovelies of the squash family.

The one idea that isn’t on the list of seven ideas is the one pictured above, the ladder. That’s because if you haven’t already had ladder fun on your front porch, you really must. Ladders have so much potential and provide so many options for creativity. You owe it to yourself to drag out that stepladder and see what kind of magical display you can make.




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  1. Very fun ideas, Laurie. We have a couple of great old ladders & you’ve inspired me to set up a pumpkin display on our front porch. Thanks for the thought!

  2. I love all the fun things you have done with the pumpkins! I think I will try the galvanized idea since I seem to be blessed with buckets! YAY!!

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