Gifts For The Kid In You

Gifts For The Kid In You

Ever have a day when it was a drag to be one of the grown-ups in the room?  

We know exactly how you feel so would like to share a Vintage Unscripted tip with you.  Indulge your inner child with a few vintage childhood toys and you can be a six year old again, if only for a short time. A little silliness may be just what the doctor ordered to help put that grown-up reality in perspective. 



  1. “Hickety Pickety” board game – (Selective Salvage).  Remember all those hours spent playing board games when you were a kid? A new tradition of a family game night would be a good way to introduce your own kids to the pleasures of games you don’t have to plug in. If you let them beat you at least once, we promise they will love it and so will you. 
  2. Flapper Kewpie Doll – (SueEllensFlair).  Admit it.  Didn’t you break out in a big grin when you spotted this googly eyed bathing beauty?  She’s been turning eyes since the 1920’s and remains the perfect femme fatale who will bring a smile to your face any day of the week. Oh la la.
  3. Skittles Bowling Game – (TippleAndSnack).  Another fun way to lighten up a day. Tabletop bowling with your office mates at lunch is a sure way to make you look forward to the afternoon. Line up the pins on a shelf between games ’cause their chippy paint gives them a great arty look. 
  4. Mickey Mouse Trapeze Toy – (UrbanRenewalDesigns).  The only thing better than Mickey Mouse is Mickey performing on a trapeze. Just a little practice and you’ll have him turning somersaults like an Olympic athlete.  He’s been around since the ’30’s and is looking forward to bringing out the kid in you. 
  5. Monkey Head Hand Puppet – (ThirdShiftVintage). There’s a reason the monkeys are the last act at the circus and it’s so the crowd leaves laughing. The fact that this monkey is a hand puppet makes him even funnier. A glance on him sitting on your office shelf is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. 
  6. Folk Art Ferris Wheel – (SophisticatedFlorida).  Flash back to screaming with sheer delight at the top of the ferris wheel.  This charming tin toy isn’t big enough in inspire terror, just smiles when you remember the day you were finally tall enough to ride the ferris wheel without a grown-up tagging along. 

Life’s short so sit back and enjoy the ride. 

“You’re never too old to become younger” ~~ Mae West

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  1. The ever present kid in me adores this post!

    Thank you for sharing my skittles game with the rest of the playground kids…

    1. Oh! Totally adorable!
      I love your topic and agree! I’m always game for adding a little silliness to soften the rough edges of reality :=)
      The child wearing red long johns and holding the bear is the perfect intro to all the fabulous vintage toys.
      Great read! I enjoyed immensely – lovely website, too.
      Thank you for including my little Flapper Doll,

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