10 Vintage What Ifs

What if: You served ice cold lemonade on your patio using a vintage hobnail pitcher and set of glasses. 

Hobnail Set from HavenVintage


What if: You wore a different vintage apron each day of the week while making dinner. 



What if: You found that perfect pair of 1940s aviator glasses and wore them all year long. 



What if: You used that old farm bell to call your kids in for dinner.


What if: You spent the day taking photos of your family using a Polaroid camera from the 1960s.

What if: You typed letters to your friends and family on a 1920s typewriter, and then actually mailed them.

What if: You wore a rhinestone brooch (or three) on your every-day clothes.1-DSC08204


What if: You invited friends and neighbors over for a vintage cocktail party, using vintage barware of course.  



What if:  You used a set of vintage floral sheets and turned them into pillow covers.  



What if: You strapped on a pair of 1950s roller skates and took them out for a roll.RollerSkates


What If…..

JayDee / ThirdShiftVintage.com

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  1. LOVE these ideas. I do you a round glass amber pitcher with matching glasses in the summer because it’s like the one we used when I was little.
    These are great ideas!

  2. Great blog post! I just bought a Vintage Manual Typewriter. I can’t decide whether to keep it or sell it. It sure looks like fun to keep. I would love to wear a different Vintage Apron every day of the week. That would be wonderful.

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