Why everyone needs linen sheets


Ah, linen sheets. There’s nothing quite like the cool sensation of climbing into a bed made with a fresh set of crisp linen sheets. For me, this is the ultimate luxury. I know, linen is expensive and sheets, well they’re  just sheets right? Wrong! Linen sheets can transform your ho hum bed into a luxurious place to escape from the world and refresh. Linen bedding brings to mind a cool tropical breeze, the beach on the south of France, the grace and sophistication of Sophia Loren, a relaxed Sunday brunch poolside, a country drive in a vintage convertible car.

There is something very special about the look and feel of linen bedding. It’s perfect for summertime as it always feels cool and crisp. The look is elegant yet relaxed as linen is best in it’s natural wrinkled state. Linen feels sophisticated yet casual. It’s not stuffy or overly fussy. 

Linen bedding is a true investment.  As good quality linen will last for years and years and only gets better with age. It’s easy to care for too. Simply wash with a mild detergent right along with the rest of your laundry and throw it in the dryer. It will come out soft and slightly wrinkled. Linen gets softer with age and use. So don’t be afraid to use it.

Because it stays cool, you will find that you sleep better on linen sheets than cotton or poly blends. Linen also doesn’t pill like some synthetic fabrics tend to do. Since linen is a natural fiber it breathes and allows for airflow to keep you cool in summer or circulate your own body heat for warmth in cooler months. As a California girl, I use my linen sheets all year round. 


The best part of my linen sheets is the story that goes with them. My Grandmother came to New York City from Russia as a young girl. As her brothers and sisters emigrated, one of her brothers decided to stay in England. He became a very successful milliner. My mother went to visit him in 1967. While there, he gave her a gift of several fine linen sheets. I later found them still in the original wrapping when I moved out on my own. They remained in an antique steamer trunk I have for many years until one day about ten years ago I finally decided to take them out and use them.  I have never looked back.

Recently, when my mother passed, I found another one, unused as well.  I love my linen sheets and the history that goes with them.  And after ten years of regular use, they are still in wonderful condition.

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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