The best wedding gift that never came from a store

Tradition dictates that an engaged couple set up a gift registry. The advent of online registry sites like Blueprint, Thankful and Merci Registry has given couples a chance to dial up the awesome quotient on their wants and wishes. Not everyone wants china or something from a department store. If you want a little vintage something from your vintage online seller, a donation made in your name instead of crystal or an artisanal drying rack for making your homemade trout jerky, the newish breed of registries make that possible.

But ask anyone who has been married long enough that their still unused wedding gifts at the back of the attic could be sold as vintage, and you’ll probably find out that the gifts they loved best weren’t on a registry list and didn’t come from a store. In fact, they probably don’t even remember half of what they unwrapped. But they all got something unscripted, something that came from the heart. 

Some of us on the Vintage Unscripted team know a little something about that kind of gift. Here’s some of the really great things we received that we cherish to this day:

Dot’s Wedding Rings

Wedding rings

My earliest memory of these rings were seeing them on my Granny’s hand covered in biscuit dough. She always wore her rings. It was many years after my grandfather had passed before she set them aside. When she learned I was engaged, she told me the rings would come to me. “Be your inheritance,” she said. I spent my last day and night as a single woman with Granny at her home. The next day I wore her rings. They are truly the most special gift I have ever been given.

Linda’s Delft Juicer

Delft juicer

My special wedding gift is what my Grandma Grace gave me.  She wasn’t able to make it to our wedding, but she sent the Delft juicer set to me with a note saying it was her favorite wedding gift and she wanted me to have it. It is still one of my favorite things because it reminds me of her.

Laurie’s Naked Lady Lamps

art deco vanity lamps

I have always loved my parent’s bedroom set, especially my mom’s  slightly risqué vanity lamps. So when they offered us the entire set, including the lamps, I felt it was too big a gift. It was much to generous, much to extravagant for them to give up this incredible set. As it turned out, it wasn’t all that much of a hardship for them. They wanted new furniture. But I love it to this day. Especially my lamps. I have warned my husband, children and dog (before he went to Doggie Heaven) that if they break one of my lamps, they should pack a bag and start walking.


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  1. Love this! We all need something special to keep others close in our hearts. I hope my children will one day appreciate treasures like these that come from me!

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