5 shower favor ideas with vintage charm

wedding shower favors

Showers have a nice give and take. The showeree is given things and the attendees get to take a little something home to thank them for coming to the party. It’s possible for the host to drive themselves a little mad and a little broke trying to put together just the right shower favors. When you’re in the throes of planning, it is easy to forget that Bridesmaids was not, repeat, not a DIY documentary.

Shower favors with vintage flair are the stars of Pinterest. From mason jars to vanity trays and everything in between, celebrating the future with a touch of the past is more than a trend. It’s a full fledged shower genre. As it should be, because vintage makes every event better.

With that in mind, we set ourselves a challenge: make 5 different shower favors that are frugal, fun, functional and fabulous. And the only places we permitted ourselves to shop were: favorite online vintage sellers, mother/mother-in-law/aunt/grandmother’s house, flea markets, thrift shops and the grocery store.   Why those limits? To make sure creativity was the main player, not cash.

1 The Cup of Love

measuring cup with kisses

Two vintage one cup measuring cups, Hershey’s kisses and a little raffia bow. The hardest part of making this favor was not eating the kisses so they actually measure a full cup of love. (If it looks like one of the cups only has 3/4 cup of love, it’s an optical illusion, we swear.)

Shop the look: Etsy vintage sellers ByGoneYears and Circa810 are a good place to start collecting your loving cups.

2 Beans in Glass

jelly beans in glasses

Everyone has onesies and twosies in their stemware collection; beautiful glasses that are the lone survivors from an original set. Those loners are just the ticket to a cool shower favor. Scrounge in your friends and families cabinets for vintage glasses and fill them with tasty jellybeans. We went for the layered look, but a mixture would be equally festive. 

Note: glasses with large bowls, like chardonnay glasses or champagne coupes, require more beans to successfully layer than tall thin glasses like flutes or tulip glasses do.

Shop the look: get your rainbow of beans  at your local specialty candy store or directly from the Jelly Belly mother ship. Note: we would never recommend mixing in some of their Bean Boozled beans…

3 Budding Enthusiasm

milk glass vases

Milk glass bud vases are pretty, handy and not in short supply at thrift shops, online and in the aforementioned relative’s vase collections. Mix and match vase styles, shapes and heights, add supermarket flowers and you’ve got a favor that doubles as a centerpiece.

Shop the look: Girl Pickers has an instant collection of 6 milk glass vases and one of a dozen milk glass vases.

4 Pinning to Please

vintage brooches

Vintage brooches are always a hit. They’re easy to find at vintage stores. Online sellers often offer instant collections of three or four pieces. So they’re a bit of glamour that won’t break the bank. We pinned ours to homemade dictionary page flowers, you can pin yours to anything that lights up your imagination.

Shop the look: Vintage Renude is a great place to start looking for vintage brooches.

5 Pottery Pleasers

vintage planters

There’s nothing more fun than a vintage planter, whether it has plants in it or not. They’re useful catchalls, they’re cheerful, they have happy shapes and they are easy to find. Fill them with tasty treats (in a cello bag) or an easy care air plant (so you don’t traumatize your black thumbed friends).

Shop the look: Vintage planters in every color of the retro palette can be found at your local vintage store or online. Collectible pottery makers like McCoy, Shawnee and Bauer tend to be a little more expensive than unmarked pottery. Both are equally lovely. Start your planter search with forgottenPLUM and lisabrestrostyle2.

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