And so, it’s Fall (my least favorite season of all)

Fall is absolutely the WORST season for me. It’s the end of Summer that kills me. The days are shorter, and everything dies. The tree leaves look pretty for all of two or three days, but then the trees are bare. All the annuals die so there is nothing pretty in my gardens to look at. The grass stops growing and feels too cold beneath bare feet. You can’t just leave the house in a t-shirt, capris and flipflops (my favorite wardrobe) – you have to find a sweater or sweatshirt (ICK) and shoes that cover your toes (double-ICK).

Fall Swimming
Fall Swimming (and a warm pool house).

No. More. Swimming.
No more laying out at the pool.
No more tans.
No more working in the gardens.
No more outdoor movie nights.
No more picnics at the lake.
No more patio parties.
No more Summer palm trees potted around the yard (at least not here in Minnesota).
No more windsurfing or wake boarding.
No more county fairs.
No more flea markets.
No more concerts in the park.
No more weekends at the cabin.
No more crickets or frog sounds at night.
No more mosquitoes (okay, this is a good thing!)

Summer birds leave, butterflies leave, dragonflies leave, frogs leave (underground)… so many creatures leave.

We look out our windows and the major color is brown. I dislike brown. I like green. And yellow, and red, and orange, and pink, and purple…. I like morning glories that open every morning and moon flowers that open every evening. I like the smell of jasmine and beebalm while reading a book in the Butterfly Garden, while the bees fly from flower to flower. I love going barefoot in the grass and in the puddles. I even like picking weeds. The pool furniture gets stored for the winter. The trampoline gets decommissioned. It’s just so sad.

The older I get, the harder it is for me to let go of Summer. Summer is WAY too short here in Minnesota! Yet, I love Minnesota and don’t want to move from here. I just wish we could import warmer weather from places like Arizona, Florida, and California so that our Summer’s lasted longer. Even just a little longer!

Annuals in their last bits of glory.

September is the worst month. Our annuals tease us by looking brilliant again after a hot and humid stretch, and I want to save every one of them – so we bring them ALL inside on the cool evenings to protect them from the threat of frost, hoping they last a little longer. Stretching out their lives just a little bit more. By October, Fall is in full-swing, and you just know that Winter is right around the corner.

When Winter comes, there isn’t much we can do to preserve our outdoor Summer fun, so we just have to accept it. Winter is WAAY TOO LONG in Minnesota (for me). But, there is always the promise of Spring. And flowers, and green grass, and bare feet….

Think Spring!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about all the reasons we love summer but….this one has been brutal! Okay maybe not THAT bad but it has been hot by Illinois standards. I really like fall and if it could stay fall all year, that would be fine by me. Happy Fall!!

  2. I have to agree with you on the “double ICK” of wearing shoes with toes. Here in Oklahoma, we haven’t gotten the word that it is Fall yet. :0) Temps are still warm, capris are still worn and flip-flops abound. I love the Fall colors and look forward to the leaves changing, but by the time Winter rolls around…I’m with you…Think Spring!

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