Summer Memories – We Were Just Having Fun

summerfunRemember when you were a kid and you thought there was nothing in the world you couldn’t do? No worries, no stress (unless you count wondering if that cute boy in your 7th grade class liked you). When your only agenda for the Summer day was to head to all your friends’ houses and roust them outside to play. It didn’t matter what you did, what mattered was that you were with your friends. From sun up, to sun down. That’s what Summers were for.

You might have started out in the morning walking to the nearest creek (pronounced crick – not creek) to find frogs, turtles and minnows. Then maybe you progressed to playing “kill the guy with the football” all afternoon in the neighbors’ yards that were next to each other – without a chain link fence separating anyone’s yards.  Of course after everyone went home for dinner, we reconvened outside for “let’s go see the fairy ghost tonight” – a sophisticated game of hide-n-seek, but covering all the yards of the neighbors that you hung out with. Back then, no one worried about their safety while we played. We just played. We were free-range kids. We were safe and we were having the times of our lives. When it got really dark outside, we would gather in a fort in someones yard and tell ghost stories. Stories told in a quiet voice with lots of drama. And if you had a flashlight to up-light your face, well, all the better!

My childhood Summers could’t have been better. I had fun with friends and we were never bored. We found stuff to do, games to play, and stories to tell. We hung out together and made memories. A LOT of memories!

When my boys were small, I wanted them to create their own memories and make their own fun. We moved to the country when they were very young, so they didn’t grow up in a neighborhood like I did. But they still had their friends and their adventures in the woods, at the creek (aka – crick), at the lake and ponds, in the tall grass fields, in their fort, and in the pool. They’ve enjoyed star gazing, outdoor movie nights (our homage to the now defunct drive-in movies), swimming at night with deer, raccoons, owls and bats watching over them. All the things Summer was made for!

Of course, we enjoy playing outside every season of the year, but Summer’s are the BEST!

As of today, there are only Four. More. Days. Of. Summer.
And we are going to make them count!!!

What are some of your most favorite Summer memories?

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