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Cottage Colors
Mother Nature sets the tone for comfort and warmth in any home, regardless of its overall style. Bright clear colors of green and gold add a punch of the outdoors even if you live on the 9th floor in a high rise condo in the city.  Throw in an inanimate winged creature or two and you’ll feel as though you are living in a cottage in your own private Shangri-La. 

Add cottage color to your home with unique vintage accessories like the ones found for you by the Vintage Unscripted team: 

Cottage Colors

Invite Mother Nature into your home: 
  1. Vintage Finnish Sculptural Vase –  Fabulous form and a wonderful deep green color make this Tamara Aladin Kehra vase a work of art, with or without flowers. 
  2. Tortoise Dragonfly Hair Accessory –  What an amazing piece. Elegant enough for a wedding but think about the heads you’ll turn in the checkout line at the grocery store. Mother Nature agrees…there’s no such thing as too much bling. 
  3. Industrial Ampersand Stencil  –  This shiny brass ampersand will look great framed. It will also add a spot of color on an otherwise dreary shelf. A perfect gift for the person who wants to have the last word. 
  4. Vintage Mattel Butterfly Mold –  What a great combination of whimsical and industrial.  Lots of uses for this delightful ’60’s metal mold, even if your Thingmaker oven has seen better days. 
  5. Victorian Celluloid Tin Button – Granted, the bride and groom don’t look overjoyed at the thought of their upcoming nuptials but I’m sure Mother Nature would approve of the lovely array of flowers surrounding them.  Hopefully they lived a long happy life. 
  6. Vintage Amber Table Lamps –  Add a touch of vintage elegance to your home with this great pair of pale yellow glass table lamps.  Boasting rose appliques on eight panels, they would be a colorful addition to any decor. 

“Nature always wears the color of the spirit” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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