Our Love For Vintage Cast Iron Cookware

The goodness and love that comes from cooking with (and eating food made in) vintage cast iron cookware cannot be imitated or duplicated. With anything else. Ever.

There is a certain joy that comes of cooking with a handed down and well used cast iron pan. Remember supper at Grandma’s house? Remember that cornbread you had with those beans? I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts it was lovingly baked in a round cast iron “cornbread” pan.

Cobbler (especially peach!!!) baked to a bubbling goodness in a cast iron dutch oven, which followed the rich stew that cooked all day over the open hearth. Two good things I’m sure many folks’ descendants enjoyed.

You can recreate those (or make new) memories and tastes and smells in your own kitchen. Buy a vintage pan, clean it and season it well and enjoy making those memories! You may wish to start here for info on cleaning and seasoning. http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-season

Mary Ellen photo
Mary Ellen says – “I talked my Mom into giving this little unmarked fry pan to me. It was in daily use in my childhood kitchen for small tasks such as cooking an egg for my baby sister. Mom died in 2007 and I consider this a valuable heirloom. Whenever I fry an egg or make a grilled cheese sandwich I think of my Mom. I hope to pass it on to a Niece or Nephew someday.”

Perhaps you have discovered that your local restaurant or foodie bar prepares your favorite dish in a cast iron pan. You really MUST have one! I promise you cannot duplicate the texture or taste with anything else.

For those of you that are familiar with the advantages of using cast iron and already have a collection you may find the following two links interesting and I hope useful. First is the Patent Database followed by the Foundry Database I will not bore you by duplicating the info found on those two sites. Suffice it to say that those sites offer anyone interested in cast iron cookware an enormous amount of information – use it well.

 A word of caution to the casual observer – cast iron is a passion and it is very addictive.

Some of the vintage cast iron cookware pieces you may run across include:

  •  Skillets (in sizes too numerous to mention)
  •  Hinged Skillets
  •  Pot Belly pots
  •  Dutch Ovens (with and without lids)
  •  Cornbread stick / finger pans
  •  Griddles
  •  Muffin / Gem pans
  •  Waffle Irons

    No 3 cast iron skillet raised fire ring (1)
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  1. I love cast iron to cook with but I haven’t used mine for a long time except the skillet to make cornbread in the oven. I think I stopped when I had the glass top electric ranges.

  2. We have a glass cooktop, too, so we rarely use the cast iron pans we have while at home. But we definitely use them (and love them) for cooking on a gas stove at the lake home! You are SO right – cooking in cast iron pans is the way to go. It really seems that they heat up very evenly and make cooking easier. Thanks for sharing this article with us!

  3. I use my set flame orange vintage Descoware cast iron pans on a daily basis! The wood handles cannot go in the oven of course. It takes 2 hands to hold the no.28

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