Make Your Own Mirrored Spheres for Home or Garden


Add an element of surprise and whimsy to your garden, front steps, or even to a room inside your home with mirrored spheres!

What You Will NeedMirroredSphere2

  • Bowling Balls (found at thrift stores or yard sales, usually for less than $5)
  • Krylon Original Chrome Metallic Spray Paint* (found at any craft store or home improvement store, usually for around $5)
  • Waxed Paper Bowl or Plastic Bowl (used as a holder to keep bowling ball from rolling away)
  • Newspapers (to protect surface from over spray)
  • Cardboard Box (to act as a spray booth)

What You Do

  • MirroredSphere4Clean the bowling ball(s) with soap and water (Dawn dish soap works very well) and rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry completely. 
  • Set the paper bowl inside the large box spray booth, then set the bowling ball inside the paper bowl to keep it from rolling, finger hole side up. The box will help prevent over spray from getting all over everything. If you don’t have a large box, spread newspapers on the surface to protect it from over spray.
  • Using light coats, spray paint the bowling ball surfaces that you can reach, then allow to dry about one hour before applying another coat of paint.
  • Turn the bowling ball over, finger holes down, and continue spray painting to ensure an even coat of paint on the entire bowling ball.
  • Allow the paint to dry overnight before placing the mirrored ball in a garden or inside your home.

Where to Use the Mirrored Ball(s)

  • MirroredSphere3Nestle one or more mirrored balls in a garden to reflect the colors of your flowers.
  • Place a mirrored ball on top of a repurposed bird bath pedestal, then tuck the pedestal into a garden or landscaping.
  • Place one or more mirrored balls on the steps on your front entry – a fun way to greet visitors.
  • Set a mirrored ball on the floor in front of your fireplace and watch the flames captured in the reflective surface.
  • Use a mirrored ball in a bookcase for a dramatic look.
  • Place several mirrored balls on the floor in your entry way, perhaps under a side table.
  • TIP: When using a mirrored bowling ball inside your home, a rubber band can be placed on the floor, then the bowling ball (finger holes down, of course) can sit inside the rubber band and it won’t roll away. The rubber band is small enough that you won’t see it.
  • Mirrored balls make great holiday decor pieces, too! Place them under a Christmas tree to reflect the lights on your tree. Use them at a Halloween party as fun-house type mirrors – it’s fun to see how your face changes in the curve of the reflective surface!

Other Options

  • Why stop at using mirrored spray paint?! You could use spray paint in any color to fit your decor. Or if you prefer, you could use the stone textured spray paints available and make the spheres look like rock. Even chalkboard paint would create an interesting look – a unique memo board for your family. So many possibilities!
  • While bowling balls are unbreakable, glass globes that fit over light fixtures can also be used when you need a light-weight alternative. You can generally find these glass globes at thrift stores for around $1-$2, and in a variety of sizes.
  • For smaller mirrored balls, old bocce balls, croquet balls, or billiard balls work very well.
  • For very small mirrored balls, use ping pong balls. Even old golf balls can be used, if you like a more textured, dimpled surface.


*NOTE: For this project, make sure you are using the Krylon Original Chrome Metallic Spray Paint – NOT the Krylon Looking Glass Mirrored Paint. The Looking Glass Mirrored Paint is meant to be used on the INSIDE of a glass object to create a mirrored surface, where the Krylon Original Chrome Metallic Spray Paint is meant to be used on the OUTSIDE surface of objects.

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  1. Oh my gosh….who knew this could be such an easy project? Thanks so much for sharing the “how to”, JD. We have a desert backyard with lots of rusted iron accent pieces. I think shiny wishing balls will be the perfect finishing touch….especially ones that can’t be broken. Very fun idea.

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