A Vintage Nights Sleep

antiquebedThere is something to be said about vintage beds. At the cabin, we have an old Simmons bed that is from the 1920s. It has an iron headboard and footboard, and the spring frame that holds the mattress. You know the kind – the ones that squeak (very loudly) every time you roll over, no matter HOW slow or careful you roll, or every time you crawl in or out of the bed. The squeaking wakes up everyone in the cabin!

The mattress on this bed is also quite old. Now, I know what you are thinking – ‘a mattress that is 50+ years old?’ – but let me tell you, it has been a well cared for mattress, and has only been in my family. That mattress is a spring mattress, and while it does have a few “sprung” springs (mostly on my husbands side of the bed – sorry dear), it is a very comfortable mattress. It seems to conform comfortably to the curves of my body – like it ‘fits’. Most people, like me, always sleep better at the cabin, but this bed is definitely a plus – it’s soft, comfortable and is a cozy mattress that leads to a good night sleep. Well, except for those “sprung” springs that my husband has to sleep around.

At home, we have a modern air bed. You know the kind – you dial in a “number” that you like, a wireless controller runs a high-tech pump that puts air into each separate mattress, and you’re supposed to sleep like a baby. We’ve had this mattress now for over 10 years. I can honestly say in the past 10 years, I have not had a single comfortable night’s sleep in this bed. There is just seriously no “number” that I find comfortable with this mattress! Of course, my husband loves it (it’s pay-back for having to sleep around those springs at the cabin, I just know it!). We can each control our own “numbers” of firmness for the air bed, and he has definitely found his “number”. And I am happy for him. Me? I will take that old vintage bed at the cabin any day over this modern, scientifically designed and ergonomically tested air bed!

Sometimes you just can’t beat simple and old. Vintage is best.

Maybe tonight, if I do sleep, I’ll dream of the mattress at the cabin… sleep tight!

JayDee / ThirdShiftVintage.com

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