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Vintage Picks Of The Week

It’s time for our new series, Vintage Picks of the Week! We scour the internet looking for just the right piece of vintage to add to our decor, and include ideas on how we think these pieces could be used.

Today’s picks are brought to you by Linda at Selective Salvage

Tramp Art Pedestal Box

What I Like About It: Hand carved from cigar boxes by by untrained artisans, tramp art pieces are finally becoming recognized as the one-of-a-kind works of art they are. 

How I Would Use It:  Wouldn’t it make the perfect jewelry box?  Four little drawers for those special treasures. I am in love. 

Tramp art chest of drawers
Tramp Art chest of drawers. Circa 1890’s. Offered by Clifford Wallach.

Tramp Art Frame

What I Like About It: The craftsmanship is incredible and the finish on this particular frame is exceptional.

How I Would Use It:  This frame would do justice to the photos of your ancestors but would also look great just hanging on a wall empty. 

MerlesVintage- frame

Hand carved tramp art frame. Circa late 1800’s. Offered by MerlesVintage on Etsy.

Folk Art Lunch Box Paperweight

What I Like About It: I adore miniatures and the fact that this is a replica of a working man/woman’s lunch box makes this even more special.

How I Would Use It:  What better way to keep track of all those grocery store coupons than with a lunch box paperweight? It seems poetic somehow.

TippleAndSnack - lunchbox
Folk Art lunchbox paperweight. Circa 1920’s. Offered by TippleAndSnack on Etsy.

So there you have it! My three favorite vintage picks for the week! Make sure to check back to see what items are on the Pick List next week!Hand pointing right | Antique Design Illustrations

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  1. How did I miss this post, Linda! As a long time admirer of your eagle eye for beautiful and unusual finds, I’m thrilled to see your newest finds. Love that tramp art piece ~ awesome!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment, Betty. My eye pales in comparison to those belonging to the artists.

      Just imagine what they would think about people discussing their work online a hundred years after these pieces were created. I’ll bet they would think it was witchcraft.

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