The Eve of a Golden Anniversary

It’s non-stop lightning and thunder right now, and the 98-degree heat index with 75-degree dew points of the day are gone (thankfully). I have the windows open to hear the thunder because I just love that sound (when it isn’t ominous). I have a Pinterest new recipe in the oven about ready to eat, and just poured myself a glass of wine. It’s been a crazy busy day, and it just feels SO good to be sitting down relaxing before dinner… reminiscing. 

30 years ago tonight, my husband and I, and our closest friends and family were on the Why Knot III (a yacht on Lake Minnetonka) for our wedding rehearsal dinner and party. It was a 4-hour tour around the lake that was a huge part of my Dad’s life. I still remember the dress I wore, the way I styled my hair (in that ‘big hairdo” that could only be seen in the late ’80s). I remember the laughter of our friends and family as we cruised around the lake, having the time of our lives. But most importantly, I remember the look on Brad’s face when he looked at me. We were about to embark on uncharted waters – together as husband and wife. It was a thrilling, exciting night out on that lake. My parents drove me home, while Brad drove home separately. It was our last night apart as single people.

Tomorrow we celebrate 30 years of marriage. On the 30th. To me, that makes it our “Golden” anniversary. Even after 30+ years together, there are still sparks – just like the lightning outside right now – and still a lot of electricity in our love for each other.

I know my husband reads my blogs and what I write, so I am sure he’ll be reading this post. To Brad, with all my love.


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