Paw Prints on Your Heart


I love dogs, well I love all animals but I am most fondest of the canines. Today is National Dog Day and it is all about man’s best friend. It’s a day that encourages you to go out and adopt from a shelter and give a dog a chance at a new life where they will be happy and safe.

In 2012, we did just that. We were pretty specific that we wanted a rescue who was at least 5 years old and a Siberian Husky. Our daughter had a Husky for 14 years so we were familiar with the breed and their specific challenges. Let me introduce you to Dillon!


He came home with us the same day we met him. Isn’t he a handsome guy? I mentioned their specific challenges and I’ll name the top two which are 1) they shed twice a year for six months and 2) they are escape artists and can never be off leash.

Oh and they like to dig! DillonDirtyNose

Can you read his mind?  I think he is saying “Prove it was me that dug that hole!”

Dogs bring us companionship, loyalty and unconditional love.  Please consider rescuing a dog that needs a forever home.  You won’t regret it!

Save the world, buy VINTAGE! Tina@GirlPickers

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  1. Dillon is a very handsome boy indeed. I had a Husky once and we had far more than 2 challenges, but yes, shedding and digging were two of them.

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