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I love old things. I especially love unusual and unique old things. I seek out the odd (or perhaps the odd seeks me).

Vintage medical oddities are some of my favorites. From a young age, I wanted to grow up to be a doctor. When the college years hit, I realized I get far too attached to people and being a doctor wouldn’t have been the best choice for me. I eventually figured out that I would have been very well suited to being a forensic pathologist – solving the mystery of why people died – all in the name of science, and only to help those still alive avoid these unfortunate endings. Sometimes I regret not following that course of my life, but I am happy where I am now – a vintage seller of all things, with a fond preference for unique and unusual.

At an estate sale of a local small town doctor, I found several of these books in his collection – they are amazing! The television show “Pawn Stars” actually wanted me to bring this to their show!



I found this medical set at another estate sale. The mother of a new doctor bought it for her daughter as a gift. I was thrilled that it went to someone who would appreciate it!

Vintage Physician Kit

At yet another estate sale, I found a box filled with medical prescriptions dated from 1896! Here are just a few of them.


I seek out vintage acupuncture, and I swear these guys just jump out at me when I am at flea markets, estate sales and auctions! “Take me home! Take me home!” – I can hear them calling!

Vintage Accupuncture

Of course, no vintage medical collection is complete without a vintage skeleton model!

Vintage Skeleton Model

Vintage medical items are not only collectible, they also make awesome Mad Science or Halloween decor pieces! This set was uncovered at an estate sale. I thought the porcelain pan looked cool, but was really thrilled when I discovered what was inside of it!

Vintage Surgeon

It just goes to show you that there are a lot of people who enjoy vintage medical items like I do! You don’t have to be Dr. Frankenstein to appreciate these vintage pieces!Vintage Frankenstein Card

And don’t even get me started on vintage dentistry! I’ll save that for another time!

Vintage Dental Teeth

Have you ever come across a vintage medical piece that intrigued you? Share in a comment below!


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