Unscripted Journeys Can Be The Best!

Our weekends are generally spent catching up on chores, cooking and taking care of the dogs and if we are lucky we get to spend some time thrifting or antiquing. This weekend was scheduled to be a busy one but we were lucky to make an unscripted stop by an old indoor flea market Saturday and found it had changed greatly and all for the better! Oh the sewing machines! Oh the furniture! Oh the lamps! Oh the trinkets! Did I mention the sewing machines? We’ll go back soon I hope and I promise to share more with you, in the meantime please enjoy these photos. ♥

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Dot ~ AtticAndBarnTreasures.com

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  1. Those unplanned (unscripted) stops are usually the best! Happy to hear you had a chance for some FUN over your weekend. Cool pictures!

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