The Auction Bidding Tipping Point

I have two strategies to prevent me from crossing the auction bidding tipping point from good price to “what did I pay?!?”

One: look everything over carefully and make of list of what I’m after with a stated dollar amount above which I shall not bid.

Two: bring handlers who know that there there is a 1 in 5 chance that I will let either my all consuming desire for something or my competitive streak run wild and free. Their job is keep my arm from bobbing up, by any means necessary, if I rocket past the tipping point into extremely poor choice territory. Their auxiliary task is to anticipate and prevent me from spontaneous mercy bids on items not on my list. This is usually a handmade thing, like a piece of art or a handmade plaster cast of an eel from 1954. (Note: My eel and I do not hold my handlers responsible for things that happen when they are stretching their legs or taking a snack bar break.

This Victorian wall art of three cherub heads with glass eyes and a wing on each side (yes, it’s even more astonishing than shown) definitely spoke to me. It said, “I am something you don’t see everyday.” And I said, “Yes, yes, yes. You are definitely unscripted and I shall put you on my list.” The bidding surpassed my tipping point by nearly double, so handler intervention was not needed. Some things are simply not meant to be.

victorian cherubs
The eyes of these Victorian cherubs have it, alright. But I don’t have them. From Gina’s Antiques in Millbury, MA.

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  1. Very unique! It wasn’t meant to be is a good way to look at it. Besides that, for me…those eyes would creep me out!

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