Pearls are always appropriate – Jackie Kennedy

Pearls are always appropriate - Jackie Kennedy Click To TweetPearls are one of the oldest forms of decorative jewelry. While beads predate pearls, beads were used as currency, where pearls were decorative and reserved for the aristocracy early on. Pearls have been worn as decoration back as far as 420 BC. They are as revered as diamonds and are just as rare. Because pearls are created by a living creatures and not created by man or dug from the earth they have been prized for centuries. The fact that pearls come to us direct from the oyster without need for cutting or polishing is one of the more amazing feats of nature.


Pearls come in many shapes and colors both natural and cultured. Due to high demand and the classic look of pearls many companies took to creating manmade versions in glass, abalone shell, coral, and plastic. Whether they are classic round, oval, blister pearls or oddly shaped baroque, pearls have always been a fashion staple.  Even Coco Chanel wore a mixture of real and fake pearls. And Jackie Kennedy was rarely seen without her signature triple strand of graduated glass pearls.

So yes, pearls are always appropriate. How do you wear yours?


The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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  1. Pam, I love pearls, too! I have a single strand that my husband gave me when we married 50 years ago. I used to wear it everywhere and with everything. Now that I think of it, I haven’t worn that strand in a while. I’m going to put in on now and wear it around the house. Thanks for the beautifully written and photographed reminder. 🙂

    1. Thanks Betty! There is something about pearls that just seem to go with everything. Glad I was able to bring back such a wonderful memory.

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