What to Do With Mom’s Collections

I can’t believe I still have my mom’s collection(s). I have boxes of her treasures that I have moved across country and back again and now to the same town my Mother lived in when she started collecting. So now is the time to let go, and for the purpose of writing this, I will just talk about mom’s thimble collection which spans a period of over 25 years and includes over 300 thimbles.  


It probably started with a relative that traveled somewhere and wanted to bring Mom a gift, and thimbles are small and inexpensive. Then maybe Mom went to Oregon and picked one up to remember her trip. Then a friend brought one back from their trip abroad. Well needless to say, we were all contributors to this fast growing collection and I probably the biggest. I just couldn’t resist the way her eyes would light up when I brought her a “special” thimble of turquoise and mother of pearl inlay.  


Fast forward to today and my mom has been gone ten years and I still have all those thimbles. I am pretty certain that our kids will not think twice of donating the entire box(s) to a local thrift store so I might as well do it myself and save my children the task. Beside that, they will be busy dealing with my wood spool collection or my mason jar collection or…

My solution is to keep an item or two that makes me smile and think of mom; and let go of the rest so they can make someone else smile.  The hard part will be deciding which one(s) to keep because there are memories attached of when and where I was when I bought them. On second thought, I think I’ll just keep the memories!thimble2

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  1. Oh come on, display a few in a printers tray. Drill holes in a couple, for ornaments. Make one into a pendant. Build a Thimble Person assemblage. There’s room in the china cabinet; put one in a goblet. Use them as package tie-ons for Mom’s descendants and let them go one by one.
    : )
    [says a person whose house is stuffed]

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