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What ever your decorating style is – contemporary, mid-century, country, industrial or traditional, the Vintage Unscripted team believes vintage accessories are a wonderful way to add a unique touch to your home.  


Cowboy Themed Wall Decor

Here are a few fun vintage items we found for your walls or table tops, guaranteed to set your home apart:

A Touch Of Vintage - Get The Look



Cowboy Themed Wall Art – Three piece cowboy decor for a kid’s room or a man-cave. A whimsical way to add a touch of the wild, wild West, even if you are a big city dweller. 

From top left to bottom right:

Baroque Style Metal Frame – Add a shabby chic look to your table top with this ornate baroque style metal frame.  Perfect for that vintage photo of those relatives you wish you could have known. No old photos that have been handed down to you? No problem, just hit the local thrift store and scoop up a few “instant ancestors”.  

Industrial Metal Flip Sign  – Designed to let you decorate a room in the mood of your choosing.  Feeling “DANGEROUS” or “FLAMMABLE”? Just choose your mood, change your sign and let the fun begin.  Perfect for a game room or an office, it’s a lot more effective that the run of the mill “don’t bother me” sign. 

Antique 1800’s Tintype – How’s this for an eerie “instant ancestor”?  You’re welcome to make up your own story about whether this gentlemen was a good guy or a scary one.  One thing’s for sure….the beautifully embossed tin frame is fabulous. 

Hermes Silk Scarf –  A vintage accessory with options. Frame this beautiful black Hermes Silk Scarf Carre: Cavaliers d’Or by Rybal and it will add a touch of elegance to your room. Choose instead to be the first person to wear it and it will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. The choice is yours.

English Ironstone Souvenir Plate – If you have a soft spot for ironstone, this lovely Woods & Sons is for you.  Hang it on the wall or tuck it on a shelf and be prepared to discuss that wonderful trip you took to see Niagara Falls. 

Folk Art Handmade Frame – This one-of-a-kind hand carved frame will add a touch of the country to any decor. A folk art frame holding a vintage print of a Victorian mother and her children at play meets our definition of “heart warming”. 

“I collect antiques. Why? Because they’re beautiful” ~~ Broderick Crawford

Linda / SelectiveSalvage.com

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