10 What If’s

What if: You spent your vacation learning a new skill?construction-work-carpenter-tools

What if: You planted an herb garden on your windowsill?

A bit of morning freshness

What if: You said yes to everything today?sea-beach-holiday-vacation

What if: Dinner tonight was a picnic in the park?pexels-photo

What if: You wrote a letter to a distant loved one, just to let them know you care?letters-637196_1920

What if: You brought flowers to your neighbor, just because?light-arm-love-flowers

What if: You baked a batch of cookies for the local Fire Station/Police Station?pexels-photo-89690

What if: You got to know your local county representative personally?pexels-photo-70292

What if: You donated to your local library?pexels-photo

What if: You unplugged, just for a day?pexels-photo-59628

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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