The Mercurial New England Weather

frost on a pine branch

As an admitted weather geek, I am interested in not only the current weather but past weather for the same time of the year. Living in New England there is plenty of material for such curiosity and one famous New England resident, Mark Twain, certainly was in agreement.

We just finished sweltering through a hot and humid July with drought conditions. It wasn’t always so, as the following events indicate.

July 26, 1819  An isolated storm hit the Westfield Valley in Western Massachusetts and a reported 20 inches of rain fell in six hours and caused much devastation.

July 28, 1891  A cold summer in New England was punctuated by record low July temperatures.  Temperature low at Charlemont, Massachusetts was 30 degrees.  Frost was also reported in various areas of Connecticut.

So, although the current heat and drought are not a lot of fun it is just New England weather!

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