Focus on Collections: What do you collect?

collection on a shelf

collection on a shelf

Most collections start innocently enough. We see something we like and purchase it or receive something as a gift that we like. The item comes home with us and we may display it or put it in a drawer. In some way it piqued our interest and soon we find another similar item, and then another. Before you know it you h
ave a collection.


Look around your home, do you have three or more of anything? If you answered yes, you own a collection, regardless  of what it may be. We may choose to display our collections or keep them hidden, but we all have them. Some are large and contain many specimens. Some are small and can be found in tiny groupings of two or three items. They run the gamut from cheap trinkets to works of art worth millions of dollars and everything in between.


Collecting is part of human nature. It’s something we do for the pure joy of it rather than out of necessity. No one needs one more vase, painting, or rug. Collections make us feel connected to others, allow us to share our ideas and likes and give us ways to learn about society as well as help us determine our place within it. Children will collect, rocks, shells, crayons, small toys. Before we know it we have books, dolls, cars, comics and more.  As we age our collections change and grow with us. We become more particular about what we collect. Does it match our decor, do the items invoke memories of places we have been, people in our lives, or our ability to afford higher priced baubles?


What do you collect, and why? Tell us your story and show us your collections in the comments below.

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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