The Benefit of Aprons


I’m not sure how I ever managed to get anything done before I discovered the benefit of aprons. It seems most modern day women don’t use aprons, but I now find them INVALUABLE. 


I wear a full apron every day for work while packaging orders for my vintage shop. The full apron protects whatever shirt or t-shirt I am wearing from all the boxes I handle in a day. And the pockets! Pockets are my favorite thing about aprons. You can never have too many pockets! They hold pens, notepads, stickers, and any other item I need for packaging.

Taking Photos

I also wear a full apron when taking photos for my vintage shop. The pockets hold my tape measure, a magnifying glass, notepad and pen, iPhone, and even my camera when I am moving from one area to another. PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: A black or white apron hides the color of whatever shirt you are wearing when taking product photos, which keeps the tint of your shirt color from interfering with your product photos.


And don’t even get me started on gardening! A full apron is a must-have when gardening! Pockets for sunglasses, gardening tools, water bottle, seed packets, and more. Having the pockets is almost like having three extra hands!


Cooking? Yep. I wear an apron. Take that -pesky spaghetti sauce splatters!

Habit Forming

It’s now become a habit for me to put on an apron right after getting dressed for the day – I’m always ready for work! I’ll admit… sometimes I forget to take the apron off when I head in to town. I’m sure the people at the gas station have a good laugh when they see a lady wearing an apron, pumping gas into her truck. (Good to know I’m making somebody smile).


I especially love old hardware store aprons – the pockets are large, and since they are usually made of a canvas material, they are heavy-duty for all my needs.

How About You?

Do you use vintage aprons?
What are your favorite things about them?

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  1. We wear aprons while cooking. If we are at home and will be eating something wonderful but messy, we’ll wear full aprons (denim and black mostly) as a dignified but effective bib!

  2. I love aprons. I love vintage aprons. I love modern aprons. I love carpenter aprons. Thanks for all the awesome ideas. I never thought of wearing an apron for gardening, but I will now.

  3. I had no idea that aprons had so many uses. I have always just used aprons for cooking, and sometimes when in the garage. It sounds like a great idea to use it while gardening to keep all of your tools. I will definitely have to try that.

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