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According to the experts at Design Sponge as summer temps soar, our thoughts naturally turn to ice cream.  That makes sense to me especially when the ice cream is mint sherbet. However, their twist on the story is that it’s not mint sherbet after dinner that is the source of their inspiration, but MINT as a design tone.  A soothing, cooling color designed to help us make the transition to autumn in style. 

Design Sponge spotlighted a few major retailers who have incorporated MINT into their portfolio, inspiring the Vintage Unscripted shops to suggest our own unique vintage touches that will set you and your home apart:

Let’s begin by adding a touch of MINT to your walls.  Believe it or not, RecentHistory’s fabulous fish plate was a DIY project done in 1958.  Almost 60 years later, it would add a nice spot of color and texture to a wall or a barren shelf. 

Vintage Mid Century Hand Painted Fish Plate
Mid-Century DIY Holland mold fish plate $24. Click for details.

Light up your life with AuntHattiesAttic’s  set of MINT green Haeger candleholders. Shaped like water lilies, they will add a lovely touch to your tabletop. 

Vintage Haeger Water Lily Candleholders
Three Haeger Water Lily Candleholders $29.99 Click for details.

Selective Salvage has a nice collection of hand painted Victorian glass tumblers available in a variety of colors, including a couple in soft MINT tones.

Vintage Victorian Hand Painted Water Tumblers
Antique Victorian glass tumbler $40. Click for details.

The quickest way to brighten up your decor is with summer flowers.  Whether they’re from your backyard garden or the local grocer, AtticAndBarnTreasure’s elegant Art Glass vase filled with a bright bouquet will add a soft MINT tone to any room. 

Vintage Hand Made Art Glass Vase - Poland
Art Glass vase from Poland $55. Click for details.

You mustn’t forget about yourself. Add a touch of MINT to your closet with VintageRenude’s sheer linen tunic.  The floral fabric is so lovely it’s hard to believe it dates to the 1970’s. 

Vintage Sheer Linen Tunic - 1970's
1970’s floral linen tunic $24. Click for details.

Not sure where you want to go this summer? Then ThirdShiftVintage’s vintage Nystrom sculptural relief world globe is exactly what you need.  Spin the globe and pick out a destination.  True to our theme, it’s a great shade of MINT green. 

Vintage Nystrom World Relief Globe On Stand
Nystrom world relief globe with stand $118. Click for details.

Ending our celebration of MINT on the perfect unscripted vintage note.  How’s this for the ideal summer getaway vehicle?

Vintage travel trailer
Let’s get away from it all…in vintage style. 


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