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According to “Merriam Webster’s Learners Dictionary”, the definition of “SIMPLICITY” is:

  • the quality of being easy to understand or use
  • the state or quality of being plain or not fancy or complicated
  • something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable

In the vernacular of vintage, “SIMPLICITY” means CLASSIC. VintageRenude’s black leather handbag that dates to the 1950’s is a nice example of a timeless piece.

Black leather handbag
1950’s black leather handbag $35.95. Click for details.

SIMPLICITY means STRAIGHTFORWARD. The cast iron ice fishing saw found by Selective Salvage in the upper Midwest dates to the early 1900’s. Practical and functional, the saw’s purpose was simple – to bring home dinner. 

Antique iron ice fishing saw $75. Click for details.

SIMPLICITY means UNCOMPLICATED. AtticAndBarnTreasure’s vintage cast iron candle holder is a nice example of a simple but elegant addition to your tabletop.  

Vintage candle stick holder $29. Click for details

SIMPLICITY means INGENUOUSNESS. GirlPicker’s salvaged hoe blade would look great in a garden or as rustic wall decor.  Simple and graphic always works. 

Rustic rotary hoe blade $38. Click for details.

SIMPLICITY means EFFICIENCY.  ThirdShiftVintage’s “Kodak Hawkeye” folding camera was the model of efficiency in 1924. While not great for taking selfies today, it will serve as a wonderful decorative piece in a contemporary home.

1927 Kodak Hawkeye folding camera $128. Click for details.


May you find your own unscripted simplicity. 


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