7 Ideas For Recycling Old Windows

Windows are our view to the world but what we do with them when they are removed from their original purpose can make a most wonderful statement piece in our home. Displayed alone or used to enhance vintage collections the old multi-pane and single pane windows with the Victorian age wavy glass are stunning additions. We’ve listed just a few ideas below to get you started on your journey.


Window with photos inserted
Thanks to CreekLifeTreasures/Etsy

Multi-pane windows

Serve well as a frame for vintage photos or art collage.


patriotic window
Election year vignette, thanks to Roberta Savage/NextStage Vintage.

Windows as backdrops

Place a widow of the appropriate size on your mantle and let it rest against your fireplace front for a beautiful backdrop for your vintage seasonal or thematic décor.


chalkboard window
Wood-backed chalkboard window with tutorial from House by Hoff.

Create a chalkboard

Attach a chalkboard to the back of old windows missing their glass for a unique chalkboard.


3windowmirrors photo for windows
Thank you to GirlPickers/Etsy

Create a mirror

Affix a mirror to the back and hang in any room for a beautiful vintage look.


garden trellis window
Vintage window as a garden trellis, from This Old House

In a vintage garden

Crisscross a window minus the glass with string or wire for a miniature garden trellis for your porch.

vintage window screen
Vintage hardware cloth screened window with kitchen tools, NextStage Vintage.

In your vintage kitchen

Back window frames with chicken wire or hardware cloth to hang kitschy kitchen tools.


shabby kitchen
Kitchen cabinet doors created with salvaged windows, country living.com

Small pane windows as doors

These small windows work well as the front to a reclaimed wood cabinet or medicine cabinet.

Vintage Safety FYI: many old wood frame windows were painted with lead paint. In prepping a frame for use, note that washing is okay, adding a layer of paint is okay, dry sanding is not. To read more about safely handling lead painted items, visit the EPA lead paint information site.




Dot ~ AtticAndBarnTreasures.com

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  1. Lots of fun ideas for re-using old windows. I have a friend who uses window frames for her pictures like you’ve suggested, and her frames look very nice!

    I’ve seen old window frames and door frames used to create a greenhouse – one of these days I hope to do that, too!

  2. I saw at an antique shop illustrations from a victorian nursery rhyme book placed in each “frame” also Christmas and halloween illustrations. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Fun article, Dot. We’ve been tossing around ideas for a greenhouse in our new (old) home and I just decided one made from old windows would be perfect. Thank you!

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