Living in my own anthropomorphic world

cat candle huggers
Vintage cat candle climbers, made in Japan

When I opened the little box from the china cabinet drawer at the estate sale, I startled all three floors of buyers and workers with my shriek of discovery. Inside were two cat candle climbers or candle huggers with pink faces that resembled little children. 

Anthropomorphic ceramics have always delighted the five-year-old inside me. Anthropomorphism assigns human characteristics or traits to non human things. When I was four or five, I believed in a flying superhero mouse, birds that could talk and animals wearing clothes. They all fit within the magic of everyday life at that age. I’m so happy that these still appeal to me and fill me with joy.

I would gladly keep every harp playing poodle or female vegetable salt shaker playing the violin but that would not be easily supported with our modest earnings and simple style of decoration. Thank goodness I can hear other squeals of delight and see sparkles of fun in the eyes of others as they come across the items I have. I’ve had people call these adorable anthropomorphic items creepy to my face, but let’s face it–that means more for me and you to find and collect.

anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers
Vintage female vegetable musical group by Napco Japan

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  1. How delightful to think about looking at the world through the eyes of a five year old, Mary Ellen. I’m sure there’s a profound life lesson in that approach to life. I promise I will look at anthropomorphic ceramics in a completely different way after reading this charming post. 🙂

  2. Those little cats are adorable! I seem to have assigned human characteristics to animals since I was a child and vice versa. I always saw my teachers as animals. Mr Cleghorn the art teacher was an owl. Thanks for such a well written and engaging post, I love the photography too.

  3. I want a collection of Anthropomorphic food for my kitchen so badly, and I havent started the investment yet. Very cute collection and those cats are darling.

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