DIY red, white and blue tassels

red white and blue tassels

Tassels meet all the requirements for Fourth of July decorations. They are handmade. They are festive. They are fast to make. They are fun to make. They can be made by anyone of any age. And as I proved the other evening, they can be made anywhere. Even at an auction. 

Making tassels is not rockets-red-glare science. It’s a snap. Four things are required: acrylic yarn (worsted weight is good, but anything works), something reasonably rigid (clipboard, magazine, pad of paper), scissors sharp enough to cut yarn, and snacks (because everything is more fun if you have snacks). 

Making Tassels

yarn being wrapped to make tassels

The finished length of your tassel is determined by the length of what you wrap your yarn around. I made tassels in multiple sizes, using a clipboard the long way and sideways and using the width of my hand. Wrap as many times around as looks right for you, depending on if you like your tassels thin or plump and juicy. And keep it on the loose side, it makes it easier to tie.

tying the top of a tassel

Cut two long strands of yarn and insert them through the top of the wrapped yarn to tie the top of the tassel. These long strands will also serve as the hanging loop, so make’em long and wait to trim them until you are actually hanging your tassel so you can adjust the length.

tying the tassels

Slip the tied tarn off whatever you wrapped it around. Using another double strand of yarn, tie the bundle of yarn tightly together and knot. Don’t trim the ends, they can become part of the tassel and their length will keep the knot from coming undone.

trimming the tassel

Snip the looped ends, gather the strands in a nice neat bundle and trim the ends to get a uniform length. However, since this isn’t the World Tassel Championship, don’t sweat the details too much. 

Decorating with Tassels

Because they are so fast and easy to make, you may find yourself with lots of tassels, which means lots of fun. Here’s a few ideas to get you started, but we would love to see what you do!

tassels in a tree
Trees are full of tassel hanging possibilities.


tassels in planter
Tie small tassels on roasting forks or dowels to add to planters.


tassels by a chipmunk hole
Put your chipmunk in a festive mood by decorating the front door of it’s underground palace.


tassels on a door
Stage a stealth tassel deployment on a neighbor’s front door under cloak of darkness.


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