Time For A Picnic – Vintage Style

According to Wikipedia, “a picnic is an excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors (al fresco or en plein air), ideally taking place in a scenic landscape such as a park, beside a lake or with an interesting view and possibly at a public event such as before an open-air theatre performance, and usually in summer.”  The good news is we expect a beautiful summer so are happily proclaiming every weekend between now and the time the leaves fall as the perfect time to enjoy a picnic, vintage style.

Just pack your lunch (perhaps Dot’s cool chicken salad and her Granny’s yummy lemon cake), grab your vintage picnic blanket, then invite your friends or family and head to your favorite park. Or to put an easy but fun spin on the meal, surprise the family with a breakfast picnic in your own backyard.

Pick a day or two or three this summer and enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic. Bon appetit!

Linda / SelectiveSalvage.com

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