10 What If’s

What If: You spread your favorite quilt out on the lawn, and spent a couple of hours watching the clouds drift by with your kids?

Picnic by Mrs Brown

What IfYou painted the ceiling with blue sky and clouds?

Cumulus clouds - Sam Schooler - Unsplash.com

What IfYou spent the day flying a kite in the clouds?

Kite - Chris Lawton

What IfThe clouds became characters in a story about love and fantasy and a castle in the sky?

Castle - Thomas Kelly

What IfYou closed your eyes for just a moment and believed you could float on a cloud?

What if - Matthias Zoren

What IfYou spent a warm summer night sleeping under the stars and clouds?

Photo by NASA

What IfYou could harness the rain from the clouds in just the right dose to make your garden bloom all year?

Garden - Stephanie Krist

What IfThe sky were your playground and you could hop from cloud to cloud and star to star?

What if

What IfYou made a cup of tea and just sat watching the night sky and contemplating life?

Moon - Anders Jildén

What IfYou could capture the essence of a cloud and keep it in a jar on the windowsill?

Clouds in hand - Lionel Abrial

What If: Why not?

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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