Vintage Unscripted: Writing a new vintage story

There is something about vintage that brings out the restless creative in a person.

There’s the happy luck of finding pieces that speak to you. The ingenuity of looking at something old and thinking of a way to use it that’s new. The satisfaction of curating a perfect look or display. The happiness of living with things that have a history.

Vintage lovers look at something shabby and see the beauty and know that the thing that makes it true and honest is that patina of everyday use. They are willing to fight to bring back a lovely linen with an unfortunate stain, to glue a creaky joint, to buff and shine a piece of chrome back to gleaming. They declare their independence by defining their style by what they like and not by what’s trending.

A vintage lover might pick one decade to love the best, or pick one style, or they might love them all. What they will not do is accept fake vintage. Buying a new piece that has been factory-made to be pretend old is not for them. Fake vintage is easier, you don’t have to bide your time and hunt until you meet the piece you’ve been seeking. But for a true vintage lover, it’s that hunt that makes finding the piece so satisfying.

It’s that serendipitous nature of vintage that makes it so much fun for the restless creative. The bliss that comes from the finding, the fixing, the curating and the loving is not something done according to a plan. It’s done from the head and the heart.

That’s the philosophy behind Vintage Unscripted.

We’re a group of vintage lovers uniting to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for all things vintage. We come from different parts of the country, have different vintage favorites and different skills, but are united in our keen desire to celebrate things that have an honest and true history.

We call ourselves Vintage Unscripted because you don’t plan vintage. You discover it and sometimes rescue it. You may find it at the next estate or barn sale or even on the curb. Or maybe in the shop of your favorite online vintage seller!

We hope our blog and our social media feeds will entertain, inform, amuse and inspire you. And we hope you’ll view our individual shops as go-to places for finding awesome vintage. Most of all, we hope you’ll join in the Vintage Unscripted conversation, there’s always room for kindred spirits to join us in writing our own vintage stories.


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